ThinkCyte broadens Advisory Board with the appointments of Dr. Diether Recktenwald, Ph.D. and Dr. Bo Saxberg, M.D. Ph.D.

Tokyo | January 23, 2023

ThinkCyte, a biotechnology company pioneering a novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based cell analysis, characterization, and isolation platform, announced today the appointments of Dr. Diether Recktenwald Ph.D. and Dr. Bo E. H. Saxberg M.D., Ph.D. to its senior Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The appointments complement the strengths of ThinkCyte’s existing advisory team and bring deep experiential insights into emerging flow cytometry markets, strategic product development, and clinical applications to ThinkCyte’s SAB.

Dr. Recktenwald has an expansive career in the development of flow cytometry instruments. He spent over three decades at Becton Dickinson (BD) Biosciences, culminating as Vice President of Advanced Technology where he guided the late-stage development of several novel flow cytometry technologies and product lines. Prior to that, he served as Director of Industrial and Environmental Bioscience at BD, where he was responsible for assessing and developing novel flow cytometric detection methods for emerging markets. Earlier in his career as VP R&D for BD Biosciences Immunocytometry Systems, he led the completion of several new flow cytometry systems, consumables, and accessory lines. He holds B.S and M.S. degrees in Chemistry from Saarland University, earned a Ph.D. in Biology from the Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany, and performed postdoctoral research in cell biology and biophysics at Stanford University.

“I was honored to join ThinkCyte’s Advisory Board to contribute to their excellent team’s approach and vision,” said Dr. Recktenwald. “By combining the fluorescence detection capabilities of traditional flow cytometry with a new way of getting morphological detail and data about single cells and applying AI, it unlocks new applications in life science research and beyond. I look forward to working with the extremely accomplished team as a member of the Advisory Board to help bring this vision to reality.”

Dr. Saxberg has a distinguished career spanning the pharmaceutical, academic, and government research sectors, helping to drive innovations in pharmaceutical and diagnostic therapeutics and related development technologies, including serving as a Founding Investor and subsequently Board Chairman for IntelliCyt, a pioneer in the field of high-throughput flow cytometry. Prior to this he served as Vice President, Corporate Staff, Advanced Communications at Johnson & Johnson and Vice President, New Business Development and Advanced Communications for eJNJ, LLC, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary founded in 2000 to focus on opportunities in digital eHealth. Earlier, he was at Eli Lilly as Director of Information Sciences leading projects at the interface of new technologies and pharmaceutical industry innovation.  Dr. Saxberg graduated summa cum laude from the University of Washington, where he received an Honors B.S. degree in Mathematics and an Honors B.S. degree in Chemistry. Dr. Saxberg also earned an Honours B.A./M.A. Cantab. in Physics from Cambridge University in England, an M.D. from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“ThinkCyte’s unique morphology-based approach to single cell analysis and sorting is a fundamental advancement in the field and one of the main reasons I am so excited to be joining the Advisory Board,” said Dr. Saxberg. “By combining a truly novel means of looking at cells with the power of AI to discover hidden patterns in data, ThinkCyte is enabling an entirely new way to view the relationship between cellular phenotypes and disease.”

“We are thrilled to have Drs. Recktenwald and Saxberg join our SAB alongside a team of renowned interdisciplinary experts in technology and science,” said Janette Phi, Chief Business Officer at ThinkCyte. “Their experience in identifying where novel cytometry technologies can bring value to biomedical research and healthcare markets complements the strengths of our current Advisory Board and will position us well to advance ThinkCyte’s vision of bringing a new dimension in cellular analysis to the world.“

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