Cell Therapy

Label-free, high throughput cell characterization and isolation based on high-resolution morphology and artificial intelligence.

Label-free Monitoring and Isolation of Target Cells

Ditch the labels. Optimize cell therapy R&D with high-resolution morphological profiling and AI.

Expand the potential of your cell therapy R&D workflows with label-free cell sorting. Isolate immune cells of interest, select therapeutically meaningful cells, or monitor quality attributes for manufacturing QC…all without using external labels or markers.

Cell Therapy Resources

VisionSort for Cell Therapy R&D

Label-free process

Characterize & sort cells without molecular labels, ideal for automated cell therapy R&D

Closed System

Cell characterization & isolation are performed within a closed, sterile system

High Throughput

Analyze cells and sort at 3,000 eps

Phenotypic Diversity

Profile & isolate phenotypes that are important for developing quality cell therapy products

Phenotypes Relevant for Cell Therapy R&D Programs

Images acquired from the FlowSight system (Luminex)