Drug Discovery

Phenotypic screening unleashed by morphology

Pooled High-Content Screening of Genes and Drugs

Add a new dimension to your phenotypic screens with the exhaustive capacity of morphological profiling. Compatible with both small molecule screens and CRISPR-based approaches, VisionSort opens the door to a wider range of phenotypes to screen.

Discover new drugs and drug targets quickly and more efficiently with VisionSort.

Drug Discovery Resources

VisionSort for Drug Discovery

Identification of disease relevant phenotypes in phenotypic drug screening is critical. With VisionSort, unlock to potential to screen for a wider range of phenotypes from global cell states like metabolic activity and differentiation state to molecular transitions including changes in protein localization, aggregation, or organelle localization. VisionSort’s high-resolution profiling detects subtle morphological differences in cells and enables drug developers to find new candidates faster.

Screening Flexibility

Diverse library compatibility, including CRISPR gRNAs, shRNAs, antibodies, peptides, & small molecule compounds

High Throughput

Pathway-specific libraries: 1-3h
Whole genome libraries: 8-12 h
Compound libraries: 1-3 d

Screening Efficiency

Only a few hundred cells per gene or compound are needed for screening

No Computational Image Processing and Analysis

Directly link genotypes to phenotypes in any screen

VisionSort Screening Workflows

High-content drug screening with VisionSort can accelerate the screening process and reduce costs. Supporting flexible workflows, VisionSort is driving the next generation of modern phenotypic drug discovery programs.