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ThinkCyte’s partnering program is designed to help accelerate research and development of novel therapeutics and artificial intelligence (AI)-based approaches in life science.
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ThinkCyte offers three distinct partnering platforms. The Disease Profiling Platform, the Biopharma Platform, and the AI Platform, each designed to enhance collaboration with industry partners and advance fundamental new discoveries in healthcare.

Disease Profiling Platform

  • Biomarker development for diagnostics applications including LDT, IVD, and CDx products
  • Out-licensing for instrument development, including clinical grade point-of-care devices
  • System integration into CLIA labs for advanced diagnostics services with improved workflows

AI Platform

  • Co-development of morphometric database with functional, clinical, and / or meta-omic annotations
  • Co-development and validation of novel drug target identification workflows to shorten time-to-clinic
  • Data-mining of morphometric inputs to discover novel drug targets

biopharma platform

  • Co-development of label-free approaches for cell therapy R&D
  • Co-development of drug screening platforms based to improve discovery efforts
  • Co-development of morphometric workflows to discover unique cell subpopulations for cell line development

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