ThinkCyte Mission

Deeper insights, better treatments —

a single cell at a time

ThinkCyte’s mission is to provide scientists and biomedical professionals with a transformational single-cell technology that accelerates biological discoveries and enables the development of novel treatments and diagnostics through the integration of advanced hardware, machine learning, and biotechnology.

We strive to push the frontiers of human knowledge and understanding to shape the future of biology and medicine. Our values, philosophy, and drive are based upon the desire to accelerate the launch of innovative therapies and diagnostics to improve lives…one cell at a time.


Cultivate your curiosity, 
expand your expertise

ThinkCyte empowers its team members to broaden their skill set beyond their original expertise, enabling them to embrace their curiosity and advance along their individual journeys of self-development.

Think with precision, 
produce with speed

We strive to achieve our goals quickly and meticulously and compete against time and past performance, using all available means and methods to generate and deliver our innovation rapidly.

Together we shine

On our journey, we support each other in our individual paths of personal development while prioritizing healthy cross-team collaboration to leverage each of our unique talents/values – ensuring the collective and energetic evolution of the organization as a whole.

Laser focus on what users truly need

Our focus is on our users, what they truly need out of innovative treatments and diagnostics, and how we can quickly and reliably deliver on those needs with passion.

Our science, our results, our responsibility

We care deeply about our research results, which means we take accountability from beginning to end – making sure high ethical standards are upheld and cross-departmental communication stays lively and genuine.