ThinkCyte to Showcase VisionSort at CYTO 2024

April 5, 2024

ThinkCyte will attend CYTO 2024 presented by the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) from May 4th-8th, 2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Come learn more about VisionSort, the latest in AI-based morphotypic cell analysis and sorting at our Booth (#129) or at one of our posters and talks!


Mon, May 6:
POSTER: 5:30-7:00pm. Label-free morphological profiling and isolation of immune cell subsets using VisionSort, a novel, AI-based flow cytometry platform


Tues, May 7: 

SPONSORED TALK: 12:15-1:15pm. VisionSort: A Journey from Concept to Customers (Menteith Room)

Sadao Ota, PhD-CSO, ThinkCyte

Patricia Rogers-Associate Director, Flow Cytometry Facility, Broad Institute


POSTER: 6-7pm. Label-free morphometric characterization of T cells for cell and gene therapy research and development

Wed, May 8: 
TALK: 10:30-11:30am. Label-free high dimensional single cell morphological profiling of hematological malignancies with VisionSort. (Moorfoot Room)

TALK: 10:30-11:30am. A flow-based high content intracellular phenotypic screening platform combining artificial intelligence (AI)-based morphometric profiling and DNA barcoding. (Tinto Room)

TALK: 10:30-11:30am Label-free morphometric characterization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) differentiation to Neural Progenitor Cells (NPCs) for cell and gene therapy research and development. (Moorfoot Room)

And don’t miss our special Customer Appreciation Event at the Johnnie Walker Label Studio​ on Tuesday, May 7th from 6:30-9 PM.

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