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  • Waichiro Katsuda

    Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

    Waichiro is the co-founder and CEO at ThinkCyte. He started his career at a biotech startup, responsible for business and product development of a medical device in the U.S. and Japan. He was also a management consultant at Monitor Group, mainly focused on corporate strategy development and marketing for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Waichiro holds an MBA from INSEAD.

  • Sadao Ota

    Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

    Sadao is the co-founder and CTO at ThinkCyte. He is an interdisciplinary scientist at the interface of applied physics, engineering, biology and information science. Prior to ThinkCyte, he was a Sakigake Scholar at Japan Science and Technology Agency and an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo, Department of Chemistry. Currently he is an associate professor at U. Tokyo with specialization in networked biophotonics and microfluidics. Sadao holds PhD in engineering from UC Berkeley.

  • David Basiji

    Board of Directors

    David Basiji is a member of Board of Directors at ThinkCyte. Dr. Basiji was a founder of Amnis Corporation, which developed and commercialized an imaging flow cytometry platform he co-invented. He became CEO and chairman of the board of Amnis in 2005, serving until the sale of the company to MilliporeSigma at a valuation of $110 million. He was responsible for the integration of Amnis within MilliporeSigma and subsequently managed worldwide sales and marketing for MilliporeSigma’s ~$60 million Cellular Analysis Business. Dr. Basiji is the co-author of 55 US and international patents and is currently developing a best-in-class clinical tissue staining platform based on a novel method of antigen retrieval.

  • Issei Sato

    Scientific Advisor, Co-founder

    Issei is a co-founder and senior scientific advisor at ThinkCyte. He is a leading scientist of machine learning and a frequent presenter of top machine learning conferences including KDD, ICML and NIPS. He is Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Tokyo and Team Leader of Medical Image Analysis Team at RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project. Issei holds a PhD in Information Science and Technology from the University of Tokyo.

  • Ryoichi Horisaki

    Collaborator, Co-founder

    Ryoichi is a co-founder and scientific collaborator at ThinkCyte. He is an interdisciplinary scientist with dual expertise in information photonics and computational imaging, interdisciplinary research fields of optics and information science. He is an assistant professor of Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at Osaka University and a Sakigake researcher at Japan Science and Technology Agency. Ryoichi holds a PhD in Information Science from Osaka University.

  • Keiki Sugimoto

    Senior Vice President, Research & Strategy

    Keiki leads application development of imaging-activated cell sorting at ThinkCyte. Prior to ThinkCyte, Keiki led a group responsible for early-phase drug discovery against blood cancer and managed scientific collaborations with both academia and biotech companies at Otsuka Pharmaceutical. He pioneered the use of PDX models in high-throughput screening and drug discovery. Keiki holds a BS in biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles and a PhD in medicine from Nagoya University.

  • Keiji Nakagawa

    Vice President, Product Development

    Keiji leads product design and development at ThinkCyte. Prior to ThinkCyte, he served as a mechanical engineer at EPSON, specializing in MEMS and microfluidics. He led the design and development of new electronic devices such as an ink-jet printer, which are now successfully commercialized globally. Keiji holds a MS in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Kyoto.

  • Yoko Kawamura


    Yoko is a scientist at ThinkCyte, leading the development of microfluidics and its integration with other electrical and optical systems. Prior to ThinkCyte, she was an assistant professor at Keio University and a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University, Material Sciences and Engineering, where she specialized in experimental studies on semiconductor materials and nanomaterials. Yoko holds a PhD in Engineering from Keio University.

  • Keisuke Toda


    Keisuke is a scientist at ThinkCyte, leading the optical system design and development. Prior to ThinkCyte, he was a post-doctoral researcher at RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, where he specialized in studies on Yb-fiber femtosecond laser systems and super-resolution imaging using multi-photon excitation fluorescence. Keisuke holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Saitama University.

  • Kazuki Teranishi


    Kazuki is a scientist at ThinkCyte, working on research and clinical applications. Prior to ThinkCyte, he worked at USC Keck School of Medicine, specializing in Biophysics. He enjoys working with cutting edge technology to push the boundaries of knowledge. He holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering.

  • Chang Iou Ven


    Iou Ven is a scientist at ThinkCyte, leading the development for drug discovery and development platform. Prior to ThinkCyte, he was a post-doctoral fellow at Osaka Prefecture University, where he was exclusively doing research in pharmaceuticals; designing/optimizing of bio-functional molecules (peptides) for cancer treatment. Iou Ven holds an MS and Ph.D. in bioengineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, specializes in peptide chemistry.

  • Toru Imai


    Toru leads research in optics and acoustics and enhances global technical communication at ThinkCyte. Prior to ThinkCyte, he served as a research and development engineer at Canon, where he first specialized in numerical thermal simulation of industrial printer and semiconductor equipment, then developed functional bio-imaging systems using photoacoustic imaging technology. He led collaborative research projects in photoacoustic imaging at Washington University in St. Louis and California Institute of Technology. Toru holds an MS in Physics from Waseda University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in biomedical engineering at Washington University.

  • Hiroaki Adachi

    Data Scientist

    Hiroaki is a data scientist at ThinkCyte, developing machine learning algorithms to analyze the massive data produced by imaging-activated cell sorting system. Prior to ThinkCyte, he worked at a public health consulting company, where he was in charge of healthcare data analysis. He enjoys bridging the gap between frontier science and real-world issues and is interested in technology that can change our lives. He holds a MA from the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

  • Hiroshi Koizumi

    Lead Optical Engineer

    Hiroshi is an optical engineer at ThinkCyte, leading the advanced optical system design. Prior to ThinkCyte, he was an optical engineer at Sony, where he led the design of an interchangeable-lens camera, was a project lead in development of the world’s first ND filter using liquid crystal, and made the world’s first optical pickup of optical disks.

  • Atsushi Tabata

    Research Engineer

    Atsushi is an optical and electrical engineer and researcher at ThinkCyte. Prior to ThinkCyte, Atsushi developed key sensor systems, electrical components and cameras mounted on satellites at an electronics company. His passion resides in new technology and mountain climbing. Atsushi holds MS in applied physics at Tokyo Agriculture and Technology University.

  • Yasuhiro Kajiwara

    Software Engineer

    Yasuhiro is a software and embedded system developer at ThinkCyte. Prior to ThinkCyte, he worked at Ricoh as a developer on an embedded image processing system. He developed low-latency image processing and low-latency 3D mapping system for standalone autonomous drone system. Yasuhiro holds an MS in engineering from Osaka University.




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