• Deeper insights, better treatments - single cell at a time

    ThinkCyte’s mission is to provide scientists and biomedical professionals with a transformational single-cell technology that accelerates biological discoveries and enable the development of novel treatments and diagnostics through the integration of advanced hardware, machine learning, and biotechnology.
    We strive to push the frontiers of human knowledge and understanding to shape the future of biology and medicine. Our values, philosophy, and drive are based upon the desire to improve lives one cell at a time, and accelerate the launch of innovative therapies and diagnostics.


  • Cultivate your curiosity, expand your expertise

    ThinkCyte empowers its team members to broaden their skill set beyond their original expertise, enabling them to embrace their curiosity and advance along their individual journeys of self-development.

  • Think with precision, produce with speed

    Strive to achieve our goals quickly and meticulously and compete against time and past performance, using all available means and methods to generate and deliver our innovation rapidly.

  • Together we shine

    On our journey, we support each other in our individual paths of personal development while prioritizing healthy cross-team collaboration to leverage each of our unique talents/values - ensuring the collective and energetic evolution of the organization as a whole.

  • Laser-focus on what users truly need

    Our focus is on our users, what they truly need out of innovative treatments and diagnostics, and how we can quickly and reliably deliver on those needs with passion.

  • Our science, our results, our responsibility

    We care deeply about our research results, which means we take accountability from beginning to end - making sure high ethical standards are upheld and cross-departmental communication stays lively and genuine.


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  • Hiroaki Adachi

    Data Scientist

    Hiroaki is a data scientist at ThinkCyte, developing machine learning algorithms to analyze the massive data produced by imaging-activated cell sorting system. Prior to ThinkCyte, he worked at a public health consulting company, where he was in charge of healthcare data analysis. He enjoys bridging the gap between frontier science and real-world issues and is interested in technology that can change our lives. He holds an MS from the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

  • David Basiji,

    Board of Directors

    David Basiji is a member of Board of Directors at ThinkCyte. Dr. Basiji was the founder of Amnis Corporation, which developed and commercialized an imaging flow cytometry platform he co-invented. He became CEO and chairman of the board of Amnis in 2005, serving until the sale of the company to MilliporeSigma at a valuation of $110 million. He was responsible for the integration of Amnis within MilliporeSigma and subsequently managed worldwide sales and marketing for MilliporeSigma’s ~$60 million Cellular Analysis Business. Dr. Basiji is the co-author of 55 US and international patents and is currently developing a best-in-class clinical tissue staining platform based on a novel method of antigen retrieval.

  • Ryoichi Horisaki,


    Ryoichi is the co-founder of ThinkCyte. He is an interdisciplinary scientist with dual expertise in information photonics and computational imaging, interdisciplinary research fields of optics and information science. He is an assistant professor of Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at Osaka University and a Sakigake researcher at Japan Science and Technology Agency. Ryoichi holds a Ph.D. in Information Science from Osaka University.

  • Toru Imai

    Senior Scientist

    Toru leads research in optics and acoustics and enhances global technical communication at ThinkCyte. Prior to ThinkCyte, he served as a research and development engineer at Canon, where he first specialized in numerical thermal simulation of industrial printer and semiconductor equipment, then developed functional bio-imaging systems using photoacoustic imaging technology. He led collaborative research projects in photoacoustic imaging at Washington University in St. Louis and California Institute of Technology. Toru holds an MS in Physics from Waseda University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in biomedical engineering at Washington University.

  • Yasuhiro Kajiwara

    Software Engineer

    Yasuhiro is a software and embedded system developer at ThinkCyte. Prior to ThinkCyte, he worked at Ricoh as a developer on an embedded image processing system. He developed low-latency image processing and low-latency 3D mapping system for standalone autonomous drone system. Yasuhiro holds an MS in engineering from Osaka University.

  • Waichiro Katsuda

    Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

    Waichiro is the co-founder and CEO of ThinkCyte. He started his career at a biotech startup, responsible for business and product development of a medical device in the U.S. and Japan. He was also a management consultant at Monitor Group, mainly focused on corporate strategy development and marketing for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Waichiro holds an MBA from INSEAD.

  • Yoko Kawamura,

    Senior Scientist

    Yoko is a scientist at ThinkCyte, leading the development of microfluidics and its integration with other electrical and optical systems. Prior to ThinkCyte, she was an assistant professor at Keio University and a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University, Material Sciences and Engineering, where she specialized in experimental studies on semiconductor materials and nanomaterials. Yoko holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Keio University.

  • Yuri Murata


    Yuri is a Scientist at ThinkCyte, and responsible for assisting in the development of microfluidic devices. Prior to Thinkcyte, she worked at a semiconductor analysis center where she was involved in materials and chemical analytical of devices. She worked on surface analysis technique capable of providing information on the elemental and isotopic composition of semiconductor wafers and microchip samples in situ from a few micrometers down to the nanometer scale. Yuri holds an MS in Biology from Ochanomizu University.

  • Hikari Morita

    Data and Software Engineer

    Hikari is a Data and Software Engineer at ThinkCyte. She is responsible for Data Analysis and development of analysis software. Her passion lies in implementing technology in the real world. Prior to ThinkCyte, she worked at an IT consulting firm, where she contributed to the construction of business systems used in a wide range of industries such as securities, automobile, and insurance. Especially, she implemented a system platform that allows end-users to create workflow without programming knowledge, and anomaly detection and analysis system based on cutting-edge methods used in the automobile production process. Hikari holds a BS in Engineering from Kyoto University.

  • Hikaru Nagahori

    Chief Business Officer

    Hikaru is Chief Business Officer at ThinkCyte and is responsible for leading global business development. He brings nearly 10 years of leadership experience at Mitsui & Co., working in various roles at international companies. Prior to joining ThinkCyte, he dedicated to establishing and operating a new company in the U.S. as a Commercial Director after the business acquisition, accountable for $50 million of global annual revenue in more than 50 countries. Previously, he served as a Vice President in the Specialty Chemical Division in another U.S. subsidiary company as well. Hikaru holds an MS in Bioengineering from the University of Tokyo and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Washington, U.S.

  • Keiji Nakagawa

    Chief Product Officer

    Keiji leads product design and development at ThinkCyte. Prior to ThinkCyte, he served as a mechanical engineer at EPSON, specializing in MEMS and microfluidics. He led the design and development of new electronic devices such as an ink-jet printer, which are now successfully commercialized globally. Keiji holds an MS in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Kyoto.

  • Eiji Nara,

    Vice President, IP & Legal Affairs

    Eiji is Vice President of Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs at Thinkcyte. He brings to this role more than 20 years of experience in intellectual property and research in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining ThinkCyte, Dr. Nara served as Global Head of IP BD/Litigation at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, where he led the company’s worldwide IP litigations and IP due diligence for acquisitions, partnering, and product in-licenses. In recognition of his contribution at Takeda, he has received Takeda Global Award in 2011. Previously, he was a Senior Director of IP Department, where he was responsible for patent assessments, IP litigations, and other IP related advice or contract review for research collaborations. He started his career as a scientist at Takeda, specializing in a novel drug delivery system. Eiji holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Kyoto University.

  • Sadao Ota,

    Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder

    Sadao is the co-founder and CSO of ThinkCyte. He is an interdisciplinary scientist at the interface of applied physics, engineering, biology and information science. Prior to ThinkCyte, he was a Sakigake Scholar at Japan Science and Technology Agency and an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo, Department of Chemistry. Currently he is an associate professor at U. Tokyo with specialization in networked biophotonics and microfluidics. Sadao holds a Ph.D. in engineering from UC Berkeley.

  • Ryo Otsuki

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ryo is Chief Financial Officer at ThinkCyte. He has nearly two decades of experience in finance and most recently was a CFO at a robotic technology startup, where he directed its fundraising activities and IPO preparation process. Before that, he was a director at Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), a private equity fund, where he orchestrated investment, integration, and restructuring of a private company after making over $2 billion investments, and successfully led the company to an IPO. Prior to that, he was a principal at Nikko Principal Investments and was responsible for multiple buy-out deals, totaling over $300 million. Ryo holds an MS in Physics from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • Issei Sato,

    Scientific Advisor, Co-founder

    Issei is the co-founder and senior scientific advisor of ThinkCyte. He is a leading scientist of machine learning and a frequent presenter of top machine learning conferences including KDD, ICML and NIPS. He is Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Tokyo and Team Leader of Medical Image Analysis Team at RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project. Issei holds a Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology from the University of Tokyo.

  • Kazuki Teranishi


    Kazuki is a scientist at ThinkCyte, working on research and clinical applications. Prior to ThinkCyte, he worked at USC Keck School of Medicine, specializing in Biophysics. He enjoys working with cutting edge technology to push the boundaries of knowledge. He holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering.

  • Keisuke Toda,


    Keisuke is a scientist at ThinkCyte, leading the optical system design and development. Prior to ThinkCyte, he was a post-doctoral researcher at RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, where he specialized in studies on Yb-fiber femtosecond laser systems and super-resolution imaging using multi-photon excitation fluorescence. Keisuke holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Saitama University.

  • Asako Tsubouchi,

    Senior Scientist

    Asako is a senior scientist at ThinkCyte and is responsible for leading the development of genome-wide and drug screening platform. Prior to ThinkCyte, she was a project assistant professor at the University of Tokyo, where she was a member of the University-Social Joint Division and collaborated with Nikon Corporation in the development of image-based screening using confocal microscopy. She was also a research associate at Duke University Medical Center, where she specialized in anatomical and functional analysis of somatosensory neurons. Asako holds a Ph.D. in Bioscience from Kyoto University.




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