Integrating advanced optics,
machine learning and biotechnology to improve lives

Ghost Cytometry:
Image-activated Cell Sorter

Realizing the promise of real-time single-cell diagnostics and sorting
with advanced optics, machine learning and microfluidics.


Ghost Motion Imaging
+ Machine Learning
+ Microfludics
= Imaging-activated Cell Sorting


Ghost Cytometry has broad potential applications
in the life sciences including:

  • Single Cell Research:

    Isolation of target cells based on their images (i.e. morphology, protein localization), in combination with downstream assays
    such as DNA/RNA sequencing.

  • Drug Discovery:

    High-throughput and high-content screens of suspension cells with
    phenotypic endpoints such as protein
    co-localization and morphological changes.

  • Cellular Therapies:

    High-throughput isolation and characterization of cell populations based on their images without use of biomarkers or stains.

  • Clinical Diagnostics:

    High-throughput and high-accuracy detection, classification and isolation of rare cells of interest such as circulating tumor cells and other abnormal cells in blood.


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